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De officiele site van Jeroen Windmeijer.
Jeroen Windmeijer
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Who am I?

I have a big fascination of the figure of Jesus and of (early) Christianity and I read a lot about it, from dissertations to popular scientific works, and from religious thrillers to esoteric literature.

What do I do?

I am a teacher in social and religious studies at the Visser 't Hooft High School in Leiden

Signed copy

If you want to acquire a personally signed copy, you can order a copy via this page

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Order a signed copy

Order a signed copy with an assignment. A remarkable, personal present for the holidays.


Book Jeroen in for a lecture!


Book Jeroen in for a lecture! Being a teacher, Jeroen is used to speak in front of groups. He lectures very maintained, using dia’s, about his books and authorship. There is enough opportunity to pose questions or to get your book signed afterwards.
Costs are 750 euros incl. VAT, excl. travel costs.

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